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Wuxi Panshi technology co., LTD is a professional research, development, production and sales of indoor new decoration material of high and new technology enterprise, is located in yixing city of jiangsu province officer Lin industrial park. The company research and development production of green, environmental protection, new building decorative ecological stone series products. ....


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What is the meaning of symbol stone by different colour?
Stone stone generally comes from mining, therefore also has the branch of color stone material, and is widely used in modern building decoration industry in the stone...
What are the benefits of marble?
Marble is mainly used for processing into various shaped materials, plank, building metope, ground, table, column, is often used for monuments such as tablet, tower, statues and other materials....
What is the difference between granite and marble?
Granite is a kind of magma below the surface condensation igneous rock is, the main ingredient is of feldspar, quartz and other minerals....